Zygote Body

Zygote Body

Zygote Body is a free online 3D anatomy atlas that provides users with an immersive 3D model of the human body in detail. Utilizing WebGL technology, Zygote Body allows users to view, isolate, and learn human anatomy structures in a visually engaging and interactive manner. The platform, formerly known as Google Body, is developed by Zygote Media Group, offering a comprehensive resource for educational, medical, and professional purposes.

How Does It Work?

Zygote Body operates as a web application, accessible through its official website. Users can sign up and navigate the platform using a standard web browser. You don’t need to install anything. Upon accessing the site, users are presented with a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy exploration of the 3D anatomical models. The platform taps directly into the GPU to accelerate the rendering of 3D scenes. This enables a seamless manipulation and study of human anatomy structures.

Key Features

Here are the features that Zygote Body provide to its users:

  1. Detailed 3D Model: The platform offers a high-quality, manipulable 3D anatomical model that allows users to explore and study the human body in great detail. This promotes a deeper understanding of anatomical structures.
  2. Interactive Learning: Leveraging powerful visual images and interactive features, the platform facilitates effective learning of the names and functions of body parts. This enhance the educational experience for students and professionals.
  3. Custom 3D Applications: Beyond its standard offerings, the platform serves as a versatile tool for custom building immersive 3D applications tailored to specific needs in medical illustration, animation, engineering, simulation, and anatomy software products.

Benefits to Users

Students can benefit from a more interactive and visually engaging approach to learning human anatomy. This increases comprehension and retention of knowledge.

Also, medical professionals, educators, and professionals in related fields can utilize the platform for medical illustration, animation, and engineering. This will enhance their ability to communicate complex anatomical concepts.


  • Accessing a 3D anatomy atlas is free.
  • Render 3D scenes faster for seamless exploration.
  • Powerful visual images and interactive features for effective learning

Pricing and Value for Money

Zygote Body offers a free version, providing substantial value for users seeking an immersive 3D anatomy atlas without any associated costs. In addition to the free version, Zygote Body also provides premium subscription options, catering to diverse user needs:

  1. Lite: Starting at $0 per month, the Lite version offers complete male and female anatomy, providing a fundamental understanding of the human body.
  2. Premium: Starting at $4 per month, the Premium subscription includes complete male and female anatomy. It also includes additional content, and tools, making it an ideal choice for students and teachers seeking enhanced educational resources.
  3. Professional: Starting at $98 per month, the Professional subscription encompasses complete male and female anatomy, additional content, tools, and the ability to create and use images. This option is tailored for users with advanced professional needs in medical illustration, animation, and related fields.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Zygote Body stands out as a valuable tool for individuals seeking a comprehensive and interactive 3D anatomy atlas. With its detailed models, interactive features, and free accessibility, the platform is for students, educators, and medical professionals. Also, individuals in related fields looking to enhance their understanding and communication of human anatomy. The platform’s educational and professional application makes it a versatile and beneficial resource for a wide range of users.

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