MyScript offers a suite of productivity applications powered by advanced handwriting recognition and digital ink technology. With over 20 years of research and development, the platform leverages artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and intuitive solutions for note-taking and mathematical problem-solving.

How Does It Work?

MyScript’s applications enable users to seamlessly convert handwritten notes into digital text through advanced handwriting recognition technology. The process is designed to be natural and intuitive, allowing for a seamless transition from traditional note-taking methods to digital formats. There is also a login option. Users can also take advantage of the platform’s mathematical recognition capabilities. They can also simplify the process of inputting and solving complex equations and mathematical expressions.

Key Features

  • Handwriting Recognition: The platform excels in accurately deciphering and converting handwritten input into digital text. This provides a seamless transition from analog to digital note-taking.
  • Mathematical Problem-Solving: Users can benefit from powerful mathematical recognition capabilities, enabling them to effortlessly input and solve complex equations and mathematical expressions with ease.
  • Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and engaging experience. Easy for individuals to interact with the app’s functionalities and enhance their productivity.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The application offers cross-platform compatibility. This allows users to seamlessly access and synchronize their notes and mathematical work across multiple devices.
  • Cloud Integration: With cloud integration, users can securely store and access their notes and mathematical content from anywhere. This enables seamless collaboration and peace of mind regarding data accessibility.
  • Customization Options: Customization options to tailor the note-taking and mathematical problem-solving experience according to individual preferences.

This comprehensive set of features positions the platform as an all-encompassing solution for digitizing note-taking and simplifying mathematical tasks with its advanced capabilities and user-centric design.

Benefits to Users

MyScript’s note-taking apps facilitate a more efficient and organized approach to capturing and managing information. This approach boosts productivity for students, professionals, and individuals alike.

The platform’s mathematical recognition capabilities also provide users with a convenient and effective tool for solving complex equations. This fosters a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and benefits students and professionals in various fields.


  • Seamless Handwriting Conversion
  • Advanced Mathematical Recognition
  • User-Friendly Interface

Pricing and Value for Money

MyScript offers a range of pricing options tailored to individual and professional users. The platform’s subscription model provides access to advanced features, ensuring value for money for those seeking enhanced productivity and mathematical problem-solving capabilities. Additionally, for cloud recognition, including all MyScript link SDK Web features, the pricing is based on the number of requests per calendar month. For 1 to 2,000 requests per calendar month, the service is free, while for 2,001 or more requests, users are advised to contact MyScript to obtain pricing details

Conclusion and Recommendation

MyScript’s suite of applications presents a compelling solution for individuals seeking to optimize their note-taking and mathematical problem-solving workflows. The platform’s seamless handwriting recognition and advanced mathematical capabilities make it a recommended choice for students, academics, professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their digital productivity. With its intuitive interface and cross-platform compatibility, MyScript offers a versatile and user-centric approach to digitizing note-taking and simplifying mathematical tasks, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of users across different domains.

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