Memrise is a popular language-learning app designed to make the process of acquiring new vocabulary and phrases enjoyable and effective. With an intuitive interface and interactive learning framework, it aims to provide a structured pathway for beginners to build a strong foundation in a new language. Memrise offers both free and premium tiers of service, catering to a wide range of language learners.

How Does It Work?

Upon signing up on the Memrise platform, users gain access to a wealth of vocabulary and phrase exercises and quizzes. The app utilizes a proven technique of spaced repetition to reinforce learning, ensuring that users retain the newly acquired language skills effectively. The interactive nature of the platform distinguishes it from traditional flashcard apps, making it a more engaging and comprehensive tool for language acquisition.

Key Features

  1. Interactive Exercises and Quizzes: Engage in interactive exercises and quizzes designed to reinforce vocabulary and phrases, making learning enjoyable and effective.
  2. Structured Learning Pathway: Access a well-organized learning pathway tailored for beginners, providing a clear direction for your language learning journey.
  3. Spaced Repetition Technique: Utilize spaced repetition to enhance the retention of language skills, ensuring that learning is optimized for long-term memory retention.

These features collectively contribute to an engaging and effective language-learning experience.

Benefits to Users

Users of Memrise can enjoy various benefits, including access to success stories of beginners who have effectively established a strong language foundation. Furthermore, they can engage with a wide range of vocabulary and phrase exercises specifically designed for effective learning. 

Additionally, the platform offers reinforcement of language skills through the proven technique of spaced repetition, providing users with a comprehensive and effective language learning experience.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Free tier of service offers valuable learning resources
  • Engaging and interactive learning experience

Pricing and Value for Money

If you need to speak a new language soon, get the practice you need with their Memrise Pro. Here are the details:


  • Perfect for making progress fast
  • Unlock all vocabulary lessons, native speaker videos, and conversation practice including:
    • Introductions and greetings
    • Learning about body language & gestures
    • Understanding the lyrics of a song
    • Talking about actors and celebrities
    • Talking about your favorite books
    • Telling the plot of a film
    • Learning about dos and don’ts
    • Talking about your favorite meal
    • Learning how to cook a recipe
    • Talking about your feelings
    • Discussing about the news
    • Plus 100s more
  • No ads

The pricing options for Memrise’s Pro subscription are as follows: every month, the cost is $27.99 per month. For an annual subscription, the price is $104.79 per year, which represents a 20% discount off the regular price of $130.99 and is equivalent to $8.74 per month. 

Finally, there is a lifetime subscription available for a one-time payment of $99.99, offering a 50% discount off the regular price of $199.99.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Memrise is recommended for beginners seeking an interactive and effective language learning experience. The platform’s structured learning pathway, engaging exercises, and effective retention techniques make it a valuable tool for those embarking on their language learning journey. With its current discount on the Pro subscription, it presents an excellent opportunity for users to unlock premium content and enhance their language skills at a reasonable price.

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