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DeepCode AI is a cutting-edge tool that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to perform code reviews. It’s an innovative platform that significantly changes the game in the world of code quality analysis. By leveraging AI, DeepCode empowers developers to create better, higher-quality code at a faster pace. With its continuous learning and adaptation capabilities, it has checked the code of over four million developers, making it a trusted tool in the industry.

How Does It Work?

DeepCode works by using machine learning algorithms to learn from millions of software development repositories. This extensive dataset allows it to understand and identify potential issues within your code. The process is straightforward – sign up on the Snyk platform, upload the code, and let the AI do its magic. As it analyzes the code, it provides detailed feedback and suggestions for improvements, giving users a comprehensive understanding of their code’s strengths and weaknesses.

Key Features

In the realm of code review tools, this software boasts a number of standout features that set it apart.

  1. AI-Powered Code Review: The platform’s primary feature is its artificial intelligence-driven code analysis. It goes beyond the capabilities of traditional static analysis tools by understanding the context of the code. This leads to more accurate and detailed feedback, helping developers refine their work more effectively.
  2. Language Compatibility: Versatility is another strong point of this tool. It supports a wide range of programming languages, including but not limited to C and C++. This broad compatibility makes it an adaptable choice for diverse coding projects.
  3. Speed: When it comes to code analysis, speed is of the essence. The platform’s static code analysis system, powered by Symbolic-AI, outperforms many competitors. It’s reported to be up to 54 times faster, enabling quicker turnaround times for developers.
  4. Security Analysis: Security is a critical aspect of any coding project. The platform ensures high-quality, secure code by leveraging the expertise of top security researchers. This adds an extra layer of confidence to the code review process.
  5. Integration with Snyk Platform: The platform seamlessly integrates with Snyk, a well-known developer security platform. This integration allows users to identify and fix security vulnerabilities within their code, providing an additional level of protection and quality control.

These key features collectively make this tool a powerful ally for developers seeking to improve their code quality, efficiency and security.

Benefits to Users

Developers who use DeepCode have found significant benefits from the tool. The AI-powered code review provides a level of feedback and detail that surpasses traditional code analysis tools. This leads to higher-quality code and faster development times. Furthermore, the tool’s speed means that developers can get their code reviewed and improved in less time, leading to increased productivity.


  • AI-powered code review for accurate and detailed feedback
  • Compatible with multiple programming languages
  • Faster than comparable tools
  • Powered by top security researchers for enhanced security

Pricing and Value for Money

The platform’s value proposition is clear through its advanced AI capabilities, speed, and detailed feedback. However, to further understand its value, let’s delve into its pricing structure, which is linked to the Snyk developer security tool plans.

Free Plan

At no cost per month, this plan is ideal for individual developers and smaller teams looking to enhance their code’s security. It offers unlimited contributing developers but has limited tests per product.

Team Plan

Priced at $25 per month per product, this is a suitable choice for development teams intending to incorporate security within their development process. It supports up to 10 contributing developers and provides unlimited tests per product purchased. Additional features include license compliance and Jira integration. Users can opt for monthly or annual billing, with the latter offering a month free.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is designed for organizations aiming to standardize developer-first security across their operations with centralized policy governance. The pricing details for this plan are available upon contacting sales. It offers a host of features, including license compliance, Jira integration, Rich API, reports, custom user roles, and security policy management. Like the Team plan, it also allows for unlimited tests per product purchased.

This pricing structure shows that the tool caters to a wide range of users, from individual developers to large enterprises. Its integration with Snyk adds substantial value, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to enhance their code quality and security.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, DeepCode AI is an innovative and powerful tool that any developer could greatly benefit from. Its use of AI for code review, its speed, and its detailed feedback make it stand out in the field of code analysis tools. It is recommended for developers of all levels who are seeking to improve their code quality and productivity.

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